Binoculars BPP 8/30 1968

Binoculars BPP 8/30 1968
Product description

Prism binoculars PPO 8h30 from Poro prism, with a separate focus, executed in robust metal housing capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions of operation. Binoculars designed for observation of distant objects at ambient temperatures from minus 40 to plus 50.

Focusing: Split

Inc. times: 8

The diameter of the pupil. mm: Input 30, Output: 3.75

Eye relief, mm: 12.2

The geometrical aperture: 14.1

Field of view, °: 8,5

Field of view at 1,000 m, m: 149

Res. the way. ": 7.5

Twilight factor: 13.4

Tummy: 14.1

Weight, g: 600

Overall dimensions: 120H164X53