Lens 3M-6A 6.3/500 M/42

Lens 3M-6A 6.3/500 M/42
Product description

Sale of the mirror-telephoto lens with multi-coated 3M-6A,, ? 880 365, 6.3/500, condition of lenses is excellent, no scratches, fungus, dust. Relatively large and massive rotating obektiv.Shkala distances ravnomerno.Fokusiruetsya smoothly and accurately. Leather bag case. The front cover is threaded M77 (there is a small scratch). Also included is a four protective filter:
1) ZHZ-5, 6 x 95h1 LZOS
2) H-4 LZOS 95h1
3) UV-1.4h LZOS 95h1
4) 0-4-95h1 LZOS