Lens Sonnar 2.8/180
Product description

Intended for installation on medium format cameras (with a bayonet, "B"), such as "KIEV-88cm", "Kiev-60TTL", "PENTAKON SIX", "KIEV-6C", "KIEV-6C TTL" There are adapters (adapters ), through which you can mount the lens on other cameras:

A. On the "Zenith" and "Praktica" adapter (PENTAKON SIX / M42-Zenith, Praktica)

Two. On the "Nikon F", "Kiev-17", "Kiev-19", "Kiev-19m", "Kiev-20" (35mm camera into narrow) via an adapter (PENTACON SIX / NIKON)

Three. On the "CANON EOS" adapter (PENTAKON SIX / Canon EOS)


A. Camera lens ZONNAR 2,8 / 180 CARL ZEISS JENA RD (ZEBRA)
Two. hood
Three. Cover the front and rear
4.Tubus leather.

A large focal length lens can be used to capture remote and inaccessible sites, architectural fragments, wild animals and birds, with reportage photography from long distances and for research purposes.