MC 2.8/29 lens Pentakon M/42

MC 2.8/29 lens Pentakon M/42
Product description

In PENTACON auto 2.8/29 MC has several modifications, such as PENTACON electric 2.8/29 MC and PENTACON auto. Parent of all modifications was Meyer Orestegon 2.8/29. A copy of this review - one of the most recent version, the lens is threaded M42 and landing mode switch controls the diaphragm.

TTX PENTACON auto 2.8/29 MC:
Construction: 7 elements in 7 groups
The diameter of the front filter: 55mm
Landing thread: M42
Weight: 240g
The limits of aperture: F2.8-F22
MDF: 25cm
Manufactured in: German Democratic Republic (GDR)