Minolta 35-70 Lens

Minolta 35-70 Lens
Product description

sharpness: 4.5

color: 5

build: 5

distortion: 4

flare control: 4
user: tafata review date: July-13-12

tested on film camera:

tested on APS-C:6MP; 10MP; 12MP; 14MP:; 16MP:; 24MP:

tested on full frame:24MP

compared to:
Minolta AF 50 F1.7
Minolta AF 135 F2.8
Minolta Af 28-80 F3.5-5.6 (KIT)

price paid:
120EUR (used)

- sharp
- build
- macro switch
- colors

- range on APS-C
- lens hood

I love this lens! At first, when i bought it, i leave it in my bag because i didn't find a real use for it. Then i tried another and another time until i fall in love with it. It's very sharp at any focal, it has wonderful colors and, compared to the 50mm (that is sharper a bit) it's a zoom!
Ok, its range is not so wide but it helps sometimes!
And, as an extra, it has the Macro switch to get closer to the subject... must have!