Olympus 7x50 Binoculars BPC USSR

Olympus 7x50 Binoculars BPC USSR
Product description

 Vysokosvetosilny, Marine, Captain Soviet Olympic Binoculars BPC 7x50 - 80! Quality mark of the USSR! Made in USSR!

Made Zagorsk Optical Mechanical Plant (ZOMZ) in 1979 for the Moscow Olympics - 80!

This legendary binoculars manufactured, limited edition, only 1979 and 1980!

At the time, was a status thing, because of its scarcity and high prices, comparable to the monthly salary of a Soviet engineer!

Apparently so, and remained - an unfulfilled dream of millions of ordinary Soviet people!

These days, a real collector's value!

Rare! Rooms! Ablolyutno complete!

This observation device (binoculars) is ideal for observations during the sea or river trips on board the boat or yacht!

Perfect for astronomy observations in the deep twilight, and even at night!

It has pristine factory adjustment and well collimated.

Image super-clear, sharp and bright with natural color rendition, with no extraneous color.

"Affects the use of German Zeiss optics Carl-" - experts say!