Rikenon 2,8 55mm lens thread M42 Zenit

Rikenon 2,8 55mm lens thread M42 Zenit
Product description

A rare
Ricoh Rikenon 55mm F2.8
Made in Japan

The classic manual portretnik
A rare visitor to our area legendary 55mm Japanese made ??for U.S. market

The classical picture and beautiful bokeh with his Japanese flavor
At the private - as a harsh blow rolled, open a little soft as swan's down, but always gives its own unique image.
Looking sharp portraits - you will find what you're looking for!

Proceedings of the helicoid easy and smooth.
Aperture ideally, petals without oil, the process is smooth.

The ring is the distance scale of meters or feet
There is depth of field scale

Mount M42 and via the adapter is placed on any camera Canon, Sony, and Nex, Olympus, Pentax, Nikon! and so on!