Suntar 135mm 2.8 aperture portretnik M42 thread

Suntar 135mm 2.8 aperture portretnik M42 thread
Product description

Suntar Telephoto 135 mm 2.8

Made in Japan

Dream portraitist and landscape painter,

condition - the ideal.

The classic manual portretnik - Japanese for the U.S. market

A rare visitor to our area

optical scheme Sonnar. The scheme known in the special needs no introduction, the mass of the network info and pictures, and brief - All the family Sonnar is optimized to give a stable max contrast and sharpness at any aperture, it is very delicate work with the space and of course corporate bokeh - a beautiful and original

Perfect solution for HD video!

A copy in good condition

The course is smooth.

The lenses are clean, no scratches and chips.

smooth running diaphragm

The ring is the distance scale of meters or feet

Is the scale of depth of field.