• Vega-5U 4/105 review 13 ноября, 2016

    The lens was issued at the different plants, from that there are distinctions in a lens frame. The letter 'U' in the name means that it's a lens from the photo enlarger.

  • Industar-26m 1:2.8 F=5cm P review 9 ноября, 2016

    It is a lens from the ranging camera with a working segment 28,8mm

  • Industar-61 2.58/52 review 30 октября, 2016

    I-61 2,8/52 is almost a full copy of I-61L/D 2,8/55. There are not so many differences...

  • Industar-61 L/D 2.58/55 review 30 октября, 2016

    I-61 is a reduction from Industar-61. There is just incalculable set of Industar-61 modifications...

  • Industar-22 1:3.5 F=50mm P review 12 октября, 2016

    Industar-22 1:3,5 F=50mm P is a lens from the range-metering camera, the developing variant with a working segment 28,8mm therefore it's complicate to use it on modern cameras.

  • Industar-50U 3.5/50 review 12 октября, 2016

    I50U is a lens from photographic enlargers, same as Vega-11U. The digital photo inhaled in it new life. After my camera was visited by Industar-50-2 and Vega-11U and even a lens with the adapter reverse macro, I couldn't imagine that my camera will be visited by such tiny lens as I50U.

  • Industar-23U 4.5/110 review 12 октября, 2016

    I23U 4.5/110 (Industar-23U F4.5 110mm) is a lens from a medium format photographic enlarger. It is made at the Lytkarinsky plant.

  • Industar-96U-1 3,5/50 review 12 октября, 2016

    I96U-1 is a lens from a photographic enlarger, that means a letter "U" in its name. Lens is very similar to Industar-50U 50mm F3.5.

  • Industar-50 1:3.5 F=5cm P review 9 октября, 2016

    It's a short review of a range lens Industar-50 1:3,5 F=5cm P with a pilot thread M39 x 1/28.8, made on KMZ, serial number N5863458.

  • Tair-33 4.5/300 review 9 октября, 2016

    Tair-33 is a medium format lens for cameras with bayonet "B" and "V". Usually Tair-33 with bayonet "B" from cameras "Kiev-88" and "Salyut" have no letter "V" in the name, but for cameras "Kiev-60" with bayonet "B" (the other name is Pentacon Six) there is a letter "B". The lens has a classical black (like in this review) and also a "zebra" carriage.

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