Fed 3 Russian RF camera

Fed 3 Russian RF camera
Product description

Fed-3 camera history Is different from "FED-3" presence built nonconjugated selenium meter (16 - 500 IU GOST), which is why the vertical size increased further. Had the same range of shutt...



Fed-3 camera history


Fed-3 camera working on the standard 35-mm film with aspect ratio 24x36 mm. Wide range of shutter speeds, the cock notch, the synchronizer, the automatic releaser, diopter focusing of the viewfinder, little weight and compactness can satisfy both amateurs and pros. Fed-3 focusing is done by means of the range-finder. The automatic releaser built-in in the apparatus allows to photograph yourself. The viewfinder is with diopter amendment +/- 2 dpt. In the bottom lid of the camera there is a socket for shoot from a stand. The stand can be also used without taking the apparatus off the case.


Fed-3 camera description




  • Lens - Industar-61 
  • Frame size 24x36
  • Focal length - 52mm
  • Relative aperture - f2.8
  • Diaphragm scale from 2.8 to 16
  • Adjustable shutter speeds from 1s to 1/500s and "B".
  • Focusing, m: 1m to infinite