Industar-50U-1 Russian enlarger lens M39 type

Industar-50U-1 Russian enlarger lens M39 type
Product description

 The lens is great for macro photography. Industar-50U-1 is a lens for photographic enlargers.


This 4 glasses anastigmat for the negatives with the format 24x36 mm.

53.4 mm focal length,

aperture F3.5-F11,

6 petals,

landing thread M39 lenses with enlightenment, is very sharp.

The lens is not the focuser, so the sharpness necessary to direct, approaching or distancing the camera about the subject.

Note: when installing through the normal adapter M39-Nikon, M39-Canon, M39-Pentax, Industar 50U-1 3.5/50mm hurt mirror cameras, as it has a huge overhang the rear of the helix. The rear of the heavily favored. The lens can be used on a narrow format (on conventional crop cameras and modern full-frame SLR cameras) only with the macro tubes or macro fold bellows.