Russian lenses nowadays. More and more photographers are beginning to look closely to the old Soviet and foreign lenses. And many have long and actively use them as the photographic film and on digital. For obvious reasons: 



Figure Lens 


Image generated by the old Russian lenses often have greater plasticity, volume, a better study of tonal transitions and more harmonious bokeh. These lenses are more pronounced aberration, but that they give such effects. In other words, the old lenses have their own unique character, art optical design. 

Most modern lenses in the same pursuit of sharpness and resolution, using super-multiprosvetleny, addressing every conceivable aberration - came to the conclusion that the picture was overly harsh, contrast, harsh, that is not good for every kind of genre and subject. For example, for portraiture - generally contraindicated. 


The form-factor of the lens 


Most of the old Russian lenses - a reliable and constructive metal only realglass in the optical systemThis gives a large margin. What we see on the secondary market. Many of the lenses 50-70-xx years, despite an active, long-term useand are now in excellent condition. Often, only cosmetic wear indicate the age of the lens.




russian lenses

Old Russian lenses collection.


Optical systems 


Now do not surprise anyone lens optical circuits that consist sometimes by almost an hour of the 30 lenses. Even the lenses with fixed focal length lenses can now be found with 10 lenses and more. 

In the old Russian lenses, the number of elements sought to minimize and added new only if absolutely necessary, if not it was impossible to achieve given the quality characteristics of the lens. After each new single lens - this is the inevitable additional losses at the air-glass, glass-to-air and in the glass. Even the ultra-modern multi-coating not properly solve the problem. 

Most of the best of the old Soviet and lens-fixes only used 3-7 lenses. 


Price of old Russian lenses 

And, of course, the most important asset of the old Soviet and lenses is their price. As, generally, the old Russian lenses is several times cheaper than today. 

And some lenses, such as Jupiter-37A or Helios-44, give an excellent picture, and are generally just a "funny" money.