Lomo compakt Russian camera

Lomo compakt Russian camera
  • Lomo compakt Russian camera
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Lomo compakt camera history


Curious is that the lomo compakt camera was the basis for movement Lomografy (more abroad). As of June 2000 issued - 1 193 475 pcs. 

Lomo compakt camera small format device with a programmed auto exposure, practice. Isolating dampers lens and the shutter in the closed position blocking spuskovuyu button. The body of plastics machinery. Lens "Minitar-1, 2,8 / 32 (on other data 35mm) with a focus on characters (in the viewfinder) and metrazhnoy scale. The closure of electronically controlled from the resistor to a light work out excerpts from 2 seconds to 1 / 500 sec. while diafragmirovanii lens.

Lomo compakt camera description



  • Frame size: 107mm x 68mm x 43.5mm
  • Lens: Minitar 1 photographic lens
  • Focal length: 32mm
  • Luminous intensity: f/2.8
  • Aperture settings: 2.8-16
  • Focusing range: from 0.8m to infinity
  • Shutter speeds: from 1/500 to 2 minutes
  • X-type synchronization: with flash bulb at 1/60 shutter speed
  • Film to use: standard 35mm film: 12, 24 or 36 exposures from 25-400 ASA light sensitivity
  • Weight: 250 grams


  • Color: BLACK