MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro Telephoto Lens

MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro Telephoto Lens
  • MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro Telephoto Lens
Product description

 MC Rubinar 10/1000 Macro Telephoto Lens






The lens can be used as a replacement for various modern cameras when used with adapter rings threaded M42h1 landing. Focusing the lens on the object manually. This catadioptric lens used for close-up shots of landscapes, architectural elements, sports, animals and birds for photography and other remote objects. The lens can also be used for astronomical shooting at night, it provides a good photograph of the lunar surface, the stars and planets in the solar system. The use of multilayer antireflection coatings for optical components significantly increases the light transmission and reduces light scattering, increase contrast of the image on film.







Focal length 1000 mm
 the geometrical aperture ratio - 1:10
field of view 2,5 °
outside focus - from 4 m to infinity
working distance 45.5 mm
Mount - M42x1;
connecting thread for tips filters and hoods - M116x1;
smooth connection for attachments, mm, 122;
connecting thread for mounting on a tripod, inch, 1 / 4, the maximum diameter of 125 mm, length to end support for distance of "infinity", mm, 210;
mass, kg, 1.9.


Used, but in excellent condition!




Comes with:

  • lens
  • case
  • 3 filter
  • caps
  • manual