Nikon lenses

Bayonet F (Nikon lens) - bayonet lock the lens and SLR proposed by Nikon in 1959 and used to date. Bayonet is designed for small-format cameras. In the history of photographic fixing only two managed to survive the introduction of avtofokusirovochnoy: Nikon F bayonet and K. Other fastening had to change, losing compatibility with previously released technology. In Soviet times, SLR cameras with bayonet F produced at the Kiev factory "Arsenal" - family camera "Kiev-17", "Kiev-18", "Kiev-19", "Kiev-19M", "Kiev-20." In Soviet literature, Nikon lens mount was known as Bayonet N. To set the camera on the most popular in the 1970s - 1980s, lenses with a threaded connection M42

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