Pentax lenses

Bayonet K (Pentax lens) - standard lens mount for small-format film and digital SLR cameras. Proposed by Asahi Optical (better known as Pentax) in 1974 as the basis for a unified standard fasteners and has since been used for all manufactured by 35mm and digital SLR cameras. With the K-mount Pentax lens were produced and released a number of other cameras and lenses third-party developers: Sigma, KMZ (Zenit), Tamron, Samsung, Cosina, Vivitar and others.

Originally mount type Bayonet K is a slightly modified mount constructive "Practika." The firm Asahi Pentax offered to use it as a base for a single mount, but in practice, according to the manufacturer photographic dispersed. Russia option to mount (GOST 24 692) was adapted to the existing state standards in the country and somewhat simplified for the sake of cheaper production. Alas, the adaptation has created several options for mount. Abroad, various manufacturers retain inherent Asahi Pentax basic dimensions, but have made numerous changes to the geometry and mechanisms. Thus, each manufacturer has sought to ensure success is its lineup of lenses (for example, bayonet RK).

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