Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

With each different lens type, it will be prioritized for different shooting genres to achieve the best shooting goal. Every photographer should learn before using to get the best shot

For the portrait, there are 3 types of lenses 35mm, 50mm and 85mm which are the most used by professional photographers.

1. 35mm lens

The 35mm focal length is almost equivalent to the standard focal length of Full Frame and Crop Factor cameras with a focus range of approximately 0.25 to 0.45, the lens is capable of getting very close of the subject, that’s what goals are. do not do it. Unlike 28mm or 17mm wide-angle lenses which can also approach the subject in the same way, the 35mm lens does not cause convex distortion of the subject at close range.

2. 50mm lens

The 50mm lens is also standard on full frame cameras and has similar applications. However, on a Crop Factor camera, a 50mm lens with a focal length of around 75mm is in the telephoto range. This is the golden range in portraits because it is very close to the 85mm focal length mentioned above, unlike the 35mm lens, the 50mm lens is used when you want to connect a scene and the main subject.

3. 85mm lens

The 85mm lens has a narrow angle of view that can take full-body portraits from a standing position or full-body portraits with an approach distance of approximately 5m. In addition to the naturally blurred background element, the focal length also allows the background to appear closer in frame than with a standard lens. Therefore, they are used to take pictures in situations where many different subjects from near and far appear in the frame. The 85mm lens is also popular as it produces natural images in most situations.


In fact, there are many types of lenses on the market for portrait or specialized applications for portrait photography. The above article focuses only on prime lenses and their applicability