Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
Below 8 million VND, here are the 3 best Canon models you should choose

The last days of autumn, the weather is beautiful and sunny, always the best time of the year to start discovering your passion for photography. So what are you waiting for, get yourself a good machine and start your journey! To help you own unique photos, express your personality and creativity, Hanoi Old Camera will introduce you to TOP 3 Canon models under VND 8 million to buy in 2021.

With these cameras, I firmly believe that with an affordable budget, you can completely take photos as good as thousands of famous photographers’ photos, which makes you confident with the subject of photography. Let’s find out together now!

1. Canon EOS 700D

The “national” camera was very popular with photography enthusiasts. The Canon EOS 700D has an 18-megapixel APS-C sensor for very high image quality for the price – comfortable for posting to social media, printing in large format without breaking. But the particularity that makes the name of the Canon 700D is probably still the beautiful “instant” photo color that requires little post-processing. Especially with portraits, with hot pink tones that always bring dewy white skin to the model, taking photos is always fun to look at.

The Canon 700D is very easy to use for new gamers, when it features an easy-to-understand interface, 1-touch button keys and extremely convenient touch screen rotation, allowing users to change the game. Image angle very simply, up and down angle or selfie angle, more convenient than using a smartphone to take photos.

2.Canon EOS 60D

The Canon EOS 60D can be considered an “extended” Canon 700D: bigger, more robust, it has everything, adds a few features and has the same price. The Canon 60D, which many photography enthusiasts have long trusted, has become one of the best-selling models in history and remains a “solid” monument even in 2021.

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Image quality is still excellent for the price range, even better and deeper than the Canon 700D thanks to improved white balance. The body is larger and stronger, which increases durability thanks to the alloy chassis. Still equipped with a 3-inch tilting screen but without touch function, the Canon 60D has in return 2 times the battery life of the Canon 700D, with an auxiliary screen to help you get started quickly with the machine.

2. Canon EOS 7D

If you have a budget that isn’t “abundant”, but still want to own and experience the quality and performance of a “Professional” machine, there are few options as “magical” as the Canon. EOS 7D. At launch it was a true professional machine, designed and built to a premium quality, but it has now been heavily scaled down from the entry level. Like an old super sports car.

You get an all-alloy body that’s as tough as a tank, with countless endurance tests that have “failed” the toughness of the Canon 7D. Of course, in exchange for that durability, the machine only has a fixed 3-inch LCD screen that can’t be flipped. With up to 2 image processors working in tandem, for unbeatable focus and continuous shooting speed for the price.


With the 3 Canon camera ranges above, you will have equipment that gives you impressive image quality and user experience, but at a very low price. What are you waiting for, don’t rush to get yourself a good machine and start your journey!