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Distinguish Canon cameras by name

Having used a camera for a long time, you don’t know the meaning of Canon camera names. Why are there 1-digit, 2-digit, 3-digit cameras…? Canon 7D and Canon 60D have the same price range but is there a difference? This article will help you distinguish Canon cameras by name.

Why does Canon have so many models with different names, but the most common are 1-digit, 2-digit, 3-digit lines? This article will help you distinguish Canon cameras by name.

Hanoi Old Camera has compiled and sent you interesting information to distinguish cameras by name.

1. Canon camera 3 digits or 4 digits in name

3 or 4 digit Canon cameras such as Canon 700D, Canon 750D, Canon 4000D,… are entry-level cameras for beginners who don’t know much about cameras. New players should find easy to use cameras, simple interface and cheap

2. Camera 2 numbers in the name

Semi-Pro Machines – Semi Pro has a durable design that’s stronger than the 3-digit line, with more advanced performance. This camera is suitable for those of you who are in the line of entry level cameras who want to upgrade their experience to higher end and more modern shooting features. Better shooting, faster focusing capability.

2-digit series cameras may include Canon 77D, Canon 80D, etc. Beginners who want to start photography with these semi-professional cameras don’t have too much difficulty.

3. Model number 1 in name

The first line of machines can be mentioned as 5D Mark 2, 5D Mark III, 6D, 6D Mark II, … the series is born generally for those who want to pursue professional photography, work, need research, like to explore more with the machine than the 3 or 2 digit models Because these cameras often have a lot of buttons designed in, new players will often find it harder to get used to.

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The machines are generally designed with durable metal, certainly accompanied by a full-frame sensor for better and more beautiful image quality.

4. Summary

Above is the most basic information to help you distinguish a Canon camera and choose a camera that’s right for you. Of course, there will be models or depending on your needs you can choose the right cameras, you can refer to how to distinguish cameras by this name!


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