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DSLRs “beat” mirrorless in astrophotography and the Canon EOS 6D has no rival!

Analysis of the page’s astrophotography contests Skiesandscopes, The results show that DSLRs outperform mirrorless cameras – led by the Canon 6D.

DSLRs outperform mirrorless cameras in astrophotography – and the Canon EOS 6D is the top performer (Skiesandscopes)

The most used camera models in landscape astrophotography of the year 2019 – 2021

The chart above is from a three-year analysis of astrophotography competitions, showing that DSLRs made up 39% of all shortlisted images, while mirrorless cameras made up just 15%.

This largely reflects different types of astrophotography, as dedicated astrophotography cameras can only be used for deep sky and planetary photography, while DSLR and mirrorless cameras can be used for both for astronomical and landscape photography.

If you analyze it closer, you can see that out of all the entries, DSLR cameras appear the most.

When comparing the manufacturers, the results show that Canon overtakes the “heavyweights” Nikon and ZWO, the most successful in the competition, Sony in fourth place.

You’ll find that Canon, Nikon and Sony are the only DLSR and mirrorless camera makers in the top 10. The rest are dedicated astrophoto camera makers, with ZWO leading by far. .

Dedicated CMOS and CCD astronomical cameras accounted for 24% and 21% respectively, of which smartphones and tablets accounted for only 2% of the selection list – “other” accounted for 1%.

Information compiled from the astrology website Skies & Scopes, which analyzed three consecutive years of photographs in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition organized by the Royal Greenwich Museum in the UK.

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Among the report’s many fascinating findings, it’s worth noting that Canon (23%), Nikon (22%) and astronomical camera specialist ZWO (22%) all have nearly the same image success rates while Sony is far behind (11%) and no other big brand manufacturer even accounts for 1%.

The most used cameras to take the pre-selected photos for the competitions:

1) Canon EOS 6D (10%)
2) TWO UPS174MM (6%)
3) Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (4%)
4) ZWO ASI1600MM (4%)
5) Nikon D750 (4%)
6) Nikon D850 (4%)

Of course, DSLR and mirrorless cameras are both ideal for astrophotography and landscape photography, but intensive astrophotography is often dominated by pure CMOS and CCD cameras.

What makes this information interesting is that not only is the Canon EOS 6D on the list of most used cameras for astrophotography at 20%, but also the second most used camera for professional sky photography. deep at 6%, only beaten by the ZWO ASI1600MM at 14% in another stat.

From three years of preselected astrophotography, 55% use a digital SLR or hybrid camera (205 images) and 45% use a camera dedicated to astrophotography (CCD/CMOS) (169 photos):

The most used camera models in astrophotography of the year (2019-2021)

It’s also worth noting that manufacturers release a very limited number of special purpose models such as the Canon EOS Ra, while the only dedicated camera in this area is the now discontinued Nikon D810a.

The full report (here) is an article which includes a list, summarizing other night sky capturing devices such as telescopes and star trackers… which will give you detailed information.

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