Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
Fujifilm X100V continues to sell out - Fujifilm Japan closes order

Fujifilm X100V continues to sell out – Fujifilm Japan closes orders for this compact camera!

Fujifilm X100V – The 5th version of the crop sensor, compact instant lens (APS-C) range of cameras was released in February 2020 and since then it has never ceased to be sought after in the market, it is still becoming harder to buy around the world as the pandemic hits and supplies get tighter.

For more than a year, the camera was continuously pre-ordered on retailer websites, and only a few people who pre-ordered received it.

Not stopping there, according to FujiRumors news about an unofficial press release from Fujifilm: Now, nearly three years after its launch, Fujifilm Japan has announced that it has to suspend orders due to It there are too many previous orders that they cannot pay in time.

It’s actually quite a strange thing in the world of popular cameras when there is such a sought-after machine out there. The X100V isn’t even a workhorse machine, and it’s not cheaply priced (around thirty-three million).

P/s: If you ask why this little device is loved by so many people, “Gorgeous” is certainly the first factor mentioned, and the second is the very impressive image quality. .