Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Many of you, when choosing to buy a camera, are often interested in factors such as battery life, number of megapixels, utility features such as wifi, auto, . .. but forget to inquire about an essential characteristic. speed

What is the focus speed?

Focus speed is the time it takes for the camera to bring an image into precise focus, allowing it to move to the recording stage.

The importance of focus speed

A machine with a fast focusing speed ensures a higher sharpness ratio, reducing blurry and blurry images.

You should note that no matter how many megapixels the camera has, the focus is slow or inaccurate, the image is always blurry.

Good photo idea, good composition, but blurry, it will not be used

– The fast focus speed also gives users peace of mind and certainty when using it – the photo taking operation is 1 shot right away, without having to redo it or wait for the camera focuses, saving time. .

Allows you to perform difficult types of photos that require speed and precision, such as capturing moments of events, news reports or sports photos, shooting animals.

– The fast focus capture machine also means that you use other capabilities of the machine such as continuous shooting, shooting via the live view screen, … has significance more practical.

Avoid using motion capture burst mode where most of the image is out of focus

Or use Liveview mode to capture more difficult angles, but the camera takes a long time to focus

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As you can see, focus speed greatly affects the process and the results you shoot. So, when choosing a model, always give priority to its focusing performance!