Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Each company will have different benefits and outstanding features. For those of you who are new to the game, I recommend researching the general pros and cons of manufacturers to find the machine that will best suit your needs, wants, and experience. So, today I am going to talk about the pros and cons of two major DLSR brands, Canon and Sony, for your reference.

1. About Canon

When it comes to cameras, everyone knows Canon. It is the most used company in the market today and the price of Canon machines is also among the cheapest in the market.

Therefore, the advantage is that it is easy to buy, sell, search and choose models and accessories.

An advantage of Canon models is that the color of the original image is beautiful, often tilted to a slightly pink complexion, the image is very smooth and smooth. Very suitable for portraits and people. The flaws are not obvious on the face and result in quite flattering photos.

However, Canon’s shutter speed and focusing ability aren’t as fast as Sony’s, and Canon’s camera designs aren’t exactly great and there are many improvements over the years.

2. About Sony

As far as Sony is concerned, the most important feature is undoubtedly the technology. In addition to shooting, the video recording function is very good, smooth and crisp. There are quite a few hot tiktokers I know who have become sons of Sony due to the ability to record very smooth videos with high realism with good effect.

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The definition of this company is also very high. However, the price of Sony models is extremely expensive (body and lens). The image color of this company is also a bit yellow, so the post-production step is also a necessity.

3. About Nikon

The Nikon camera brand is one of the oldest names and has grown extremely strongly over time. Thanks to this brand factor, Nikon cameras are loved by many users and voted when asked which camera is the best in the market.

Although high-end Nikon lenses are expensive, they are considered higher quality than Canon lenses, and even mid-range Nikon lenses are still much better than Canon lenses. . Nikon is a brand that is extremely popular with users all over the world. If you ask anyone what is the best camera, most of the answers are Nikon.

However, most of Nikon’s new product lines haven’t had many outstanding upgrades over previous product lines. This is considered the company’s biggest downside. Menu and user interface of Nikon cameras are not really good for users. It will take you a long time to get used to the user interface of the device

4. About Fujifilm

Amid countless camera lines with modern design, youthful design and eye-catching photography, Fujifilm still stands out when it comes to maintaining the enchanting classic design style until now. Due to its nostalgic appearance, it is enough to make young people especially popular.

The features of Fujifilm cameras are increasingly being upgraded through models. The ability to operate smoothly and autofocus to record fast and sharp images is one of the most outstanding features of this model. What I quite like about fuji is that it has simulation interesting film color.6 film simulation color modes, allowing users to unleash their creativity according to their preferences

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However, the downside of fuji is that focus is a bit slower than canon, sony at the same price and doesn’t have a full frame camera, so it loses in low light and background suppression- plan.