Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
Sony announces the ZV-E10, an APS-C sensor mirrorless camera aimed at

Sony has announced the ZV-E10, the first Alpha series machine aimed at Vlogger users. It’s based on Sony’s other entry-level APS-C cameras such as the A6100 series, and also boasts many key features such as real-time autofocus technology. However, in addition to that, this new model also has new additions and improvements, especially for vlogging recording.

The ZV-E10 series is equipped with a multi-angle swivel screen, which makes it easy for vloggers to monitor video while recording. A zoom lever is designed to be integrated into the shutter button, allowing control of electric motor zoom lenses, with 8 levels of user-selectable zoom speed adjustment, as well as the ability to zoom digital when using other lenses, with Sony Clear Image Zoom technology.

The machine has a built-in omnidirectional microphone, designed to navigate depending on the sound source, and depending on the machine includes a windscreen filter cotton accessory. The Multi-Interface Shoe (Sony’s Multi-Interface Shoe) allows mounting and use of recording devices, located in the left corner position, which is the position of the viewfinder on the A6000 series.

The ZV-E10 series also includes many features first seen on Sony’s previous vlogging compact, the ZV-1. These features include Product Showcase Mode, which shifts the focus from the subject’s face to the product held in front of the camera.

Other features include a background suppression mode (Background Defocus), in which the camera lens opens the widest aperture to help separate the subject from the background. plane, and a Soft Skin mode. Users can also stream live directly through computers and smartphones, with the device acting as a webcam.

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The record button is designed to be larger on the ZV-E10, with quick mode switching between photo shooting, video recording, and S&Q (slow and fast) modes. The indicator light on the front of the camera and the red frame on the screen make it easy for the user to know when recording has started.

Supports 4K video recording 30 frames from 6K signal with reduced quality and can record files at 100 Mps with Sony XAVC file format, supports slow motion recording of 120 frames in 1080 quality. It also allows sensitive recording. S-Log3 color profile. 24Mp image quality, Raw and Jpeg file formats.

The machine has a built-in headphone jack and a separate microphone, for audio recording and monitoring during video recording. Sony claims the ZV-E10’s battery life is 125 minutes of continuous video recording, or 440 shots per full charge. The device also supports charging via the USB-C port for continuous use.

The ZV-E10 is presented in 2 black and white versions, available at the end of August this year, with an expected retail price of $700. The version with the Sony 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens sells for $800.