Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
Speculation on Canon EOS R1: appears a new “king” of resolution?

Canon EOS R1 has been a highly anticipated camera for professional photographers. Amid much speculation this year, Canon Rumors has spoken out about a possible 2023 release date for the Canon EOS R1. Said to be the new resolution king, the R1 version promises to deliver image quality at 100 megapixels with 8K video.

Speculation on Canon EOS R1: appears a new “king” of resolution?

A new report echoes previous predictions that Canon’s true flagship, the EOS R1, will launch in 2023. (Image source: Canon Camera News)

According to the latest report, Canon’s new flagship will be the “new king of resolutions.” The camera will focus on 8K video recording and integration with the Cinema EOS range, but there will be no “C” version.

Many experts predict the EOS R1 version to be an improvement in form and ergonomics, combining what fans have come to expect from Canon’s flagship camera with a number of new features. Canon is fully orienting its development to meet the needs of photographers, especially the professional segment which previously used the EOS R3 version.

So far we have not been able to determine Canon EOS R1 What kind of camera it is, but with the leaked title of “solution king”, the R1 is expected to be at least 61 million more pixels than the Sony Alpha 7R V.

Is this a camera that combines ultra-high resolution, high-speed continuous shooting and 8K video recording? Additionally, as it highlights the collaboration with Cinema EOS, the R1 appears to be a Canon camera focus on video capabilities.

In terms of ergonomics, Canon appears to have filed a patent for a redesigned camera body with better two-way grip. Specifically, the design has an area L-shaped specially to accommodate the equipment.


Speculation on Canon EOS R1: appears a new “king” of resolution?

The EOS R1 should be slightly larger than the EOS R3. (Image source: Asobinet)

Due to the supply of Canon EOS-R3 has been lacking since launch, Canon may want to release the Canon EOS R1 once supply stabilizes.

Source: Canon Camera News