Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
What does a good vlogging camera need?

What are the essential elements for a camera to be a good blog camcorder?

This Hanoi Old Camera article will help you clarify the basics of a good vlogging camcorder. Depending on the purpose of use or distinct preferences, there will be similarities and the right machine for you.

For a professional, meticulous with each video, investing in recording equipment is extremely important. You can see that famous vloggers and youtubers all use specialized cameras for their products instead of just phones.

So, to find a professional camcorder, what do you need?

1. Video quality

Crisp, clear video recording is a prerequisite, and flexible shooting modes and settings give videographers greater control over video production.

2. Compact design

Small, lightweight design, easy to hold because in addition to vlogs fixed in one position, video reviews and experiments that need to be moved constantly are becoming more popular, a compact camera will be preferred.

3. Flip the screen

Another important part of the camera’s design is that the LCD screen can be tilted, or at least the screen can face forward one way or another, as many vlogs are self-recorded experiential videos. . The camera angle will be more diverse, making videos more creative and attractive.

Those devices with rotating screens will have more priority before supporting devices are attached

4. Recording equipment

Recording control is also a necessity, with the basic requirements often being the ability to add an external microphone to the camera to improve sound quality.


5. Closing

Having a good camera depends on many different factors. If you want to find a good camcorder, you can contact Machn, we will help you choose the best camera!

You can contact Hanoi Old Camera for advice and help in choosing the most suitable camera.


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