Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
What is the difference between a FULL FRAME and a CROP CAMERA?

Many of you who are just starting to learn about photography will wonder what a crop and full frame sensor is, what is the difference and which model should be chosen appropriately. Here’s how to help you understand and differentiate between these two very popular cameras

1. Definition

By definition, full frame is a sensor in the standard 36mm x 24mm format, also known as the “35mm film” standard.

Crop, also known as APS-C, is a smaller sensor, around 22mm x 14mm, or about half of a full-frame sensor.

When the lens is mounted on a full frame camera, you are using the lens with the correct focal length, correct aperture, for full angle and effect.

When the lens is mounted on a crop camera, the focal length is increased by 1.5 to 1.6 times, which reduces the angle of the image and reduces the bokeh effect.

Advantage of full frame machine:

– Large sensor area, captures a lot of light information, giving you deep, sharp, clear image quality, rich colors are not as pale as grow machines.

– For a more impressive and blurred background effect, portraits are very pleasing to the eye

– Usually full frame models belong to high-end and high-end segment, durable and strong performance to help you work, take service and use for a long time.

Limitations of full-frame cameras

– Machines are often more expensive than Crop machines, which are significantly heavier

– Suitable for those of you who want to learn and work, long-term play, want to invest 1 time without upgrading

– Some good Full Frame models: Canon 6D, 6D2, 5D2, 5D3, Sony A72, A73, Nikon D750, D810,…

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Advantages of the Crop machine.

– The machine is generally very compact, easy to transport and use on a daily basis

– The camera and the tube are affordable, only 1/2 of the same generation Full Frame camera, easy to invest in shopping – For those who like to zoom far, take pictures of the moon by multiplying the focal length by 1 .5 to 1.6 times will be beneficial. It helps to “cheat” more magnification.

Crop camera limitations.

Colors, image font removal are not as impressive as full frame machines, if you want to be a pro, you may need to upgrade later.

– Suitable for amateur photography, travel, family and friends photography, you like far zoom, astrophotography, animals.

Some good crop models: Canon 700D, 750D, 800D, 60D, 80D, 7D, Sony A6000, A6300, A6400, Fujifilm XT20, XT3…